To my dear friends

This blog wouldn’t be possible without my dear friends Miss Ann and Intolerant. Improvements have been made and are on going. There is a new feature to the right of your screen that features and audio player with my rants. Sit tight folks, because more rants are coming soon. I’ve enjoyed a sharp increase in traffic as well, because a lot of people are just sick and tired of the political bullshit and those who enable this to go on. There wasn’t and earthquake in Washington the other day, it was just a combination of the founding fathers rolling in their graves and niggers running to KFC to redeem their coupons…..more posts and rants to come, so stay tuned.

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Luther’s unfortunate incident

As we all know, Luther Spells is the official pet negro of Here is an interview I conducted last night with Luther about his recent arrest behind a Popeyes dumpster.

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Kim Kartrashian

She married a white guy….poor fella. Too bad he is going to catch a few diseases and smell fried chicken everytime he eats her poosy. How stupid is this guy? He decided to marry a coalburning slut who fucked an endless line of sambos before figuring out that they were worthless apes? Or does she think about diseased eggplant everytime her new hubby is banging her. Either way…damaged goods.

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What they want for us…..

… opposed to what they want for themselves. I’ve been thinking about the de-evolution of modern society, and it got me to thinking. Lyndon Johnson got the “great society” idea in his head over 45 years ago, and now we reap the rewards. Lyndon died in the early seventies, but given the severe nature of the problem, I doubt even a socialist like him would’ve went for it had he known the ramifications of such a measure. Lyndon may have loved his pet negroes, but I would like to think he wouldn’t have foreseen just how savage they are in our western society. Up until 1965, America had the immigration policies enacted by Calvin Coolidge. In a nutshell, President Coolidge made it as such, to only bring Christian western Europeans to our country, and severely limit immigration of other races and religions. What this did, was ensure that America received a strong, white, working class population, and in turn America grew the largest and most productive middle class population on the planet. What we have now, thanks to Lyndon Johnson, is a muddy soup of humanity in America that is quickly overtaking the white population, and shrinking our middle class dramatically every year. The poison of multiculturalism is no more evident than in our very own current president, Barak Obama. It is only in a divided nation that we can have such a destructive force in the white house, and we have President Johnson to thank for this. Obama is destroying our nation, not because he is inept, but because he genuinely wants to see America fail. The problem with having a black president, is that he has no loyalty to a nation founded by white Christians. The sad thing is that so many white people voted for him! Simple deductive thought would tell anyone with a brain that electing a black socialist to power isn’t much different than putting a fox in the hen house. The damage is done. Now it is time to fix it.

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Raping, robbing, and flingin’ poo

Okay, who stirred up the monkeys? It seems that every time an “aspiring rapper” gets what is deserved from the police, the Negroes go crazy and light the town on fire, while the main stream media stand on their collective hind legs to get the news footage from a safe distance in a helicopter. We should all know better by now, but 50 years of indoctrination has taken its toll. Too many humans either refuse to believe, or try desperately to ignore the Negroid problem. No matter where you put them in the world, chimpouts always ensue with the least bit of provocation. Just imagine the state of affairs in the Western world if White people behaved like our simian counterparts. With all of the BS going on in the last 4 years, America would be a pile of ash if whites decided to behave in such a manner, and we actually have a good reason to do so, but we don’t because we are slightly more evolved than a Chimpanzee! We whites have watched while negroes and their enablers have hijacked our country and system of government, only to turn it into a diverse toilet bowl filled with piss, shit, and vomit. We are watching in horror as the negroes and their enablers are taking the country our ancestors built, and give it all away to bankers and the Chinese. I really don’t give a flying fuck if Tyrone was shot dead because he was dumb enough to point a gun at a cop, but it pisses me off to no end to see the media prop up these savages while they rape, rob, and throw feces everywhere! 

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Failed logic on the left

I am not going to list the failures of the Obama administration, because they are too numerous to list, and the same applies to the Bush administration. In fact, I could list failures from every president who ever served, just to go on record that I am being fair in my analysis. That XYZ affair was a bitch, wasn’t it? I demand we exhume John Adams and put him on trial! See how stupid that sounds? The same level of stupidity applies to the liberal argument that Barry Obama can’t succeed because of right wing and institutional racism. Somehow the Tea Pot Dome scandal of 1923 had SOMETHING to do with Obama’s failures as president. I’m sure something happened during the Tyler administration that somehow applies to Barak Obama’s inability to effectively run the country. President Garfield, do you have anything to say about this? I didn’t think so. If you go by libtarded logic, Barak H Obama made it all the way through life and made it to the Presidency ONLY to finally be brought down by racism. A black man became successful, and beat down doors all of his life, only to be defeated now. Could it be that he is just inept and unqualified, or is the mere suggestion racist too? Stop playing the race card and blaming previous administrations so much and actually admit that your guy is either an idiot, or is taking measures to purposely destroy our country.

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Can we impeach him yet?

This has gone on long enough. This social experiment of having a black president has overstayed its welcome. Not only do we have the first bootlipped president in history, but now we have reached a double A credit status for the first time. Is there some way we can dispose of this functional illiterate before we are back to pulling plows and washing our clothes in the creek? People like myself and Intolerant were both here on the internet screaming about the dangers of putting negroes in power long before he got elected, and we will be here until the last transformer goes out. You idiots elected him, and now we are all suffering because you thought 4 more years of Bush in the likes of McCain would be SO terrible! Are you happy now? All you had to do is look at the city of Detroit to see what happens when you put negroes in power, but you were SO enamored with all the hope and change bullshit going around, and you wanted to give Bush some payback at the polls by electing an unqualified Marxist!! If you would have been smart enough to read between the lines, you would have figured out that all this hope and change was NOT going to be for the better. Even Carter was better than this, you morons! If the main steam media weren’t so far up Obama’s ass, and actually holding him to the same scrutiny as GWB, Milwaukee would be the only place with random riots. It just amazes me how stupid the American electorate is. Next time you want to vote for a President just to spite the outgoing president…..STAY HOME!!

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We’ve had enough with Corky

Have you ever been to a social function, and somebody decides to bring their retarded kid to the party? After a few hours of drooling, stinking, and putting his unwashed hands into the potato salad, you get kind of tired of it. Then a few hours later, as you are cleaning up, you discover an extra-large shit in the cat box, you decide never to invite those people again? Sure, the first and second time Corky told the same knock-knock joke it was funny, but after 57 times you just want to lock Corky up in the basement with an Elmo video and dozen cookies just to keep him entertained. He may shit and piss in the basement, but at least the problem will be localized to one spot if the shackles are on tight enough. Intolerant and I have tried to keep Corky at bay, but he always manages to get loose and masturbate in the punch bowl. We now return to your regularly scheduled political blog.

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2012 election

2012 hasn’t even happened yet, and I’m already tired of this election cycle. The Republicans are already parading their show ponies because Barak Obama set the standard for long election runs. As soon as that filthy ape was sworn in as Senator, he started campaigning. I’ve said on many occasions that Pro Wrestling and American politics are very similar, but it just seems like they aren’t trying to hide it anymore. We all know the first stage of the election cycle is when all the candidates go to Israel for approval, then come back just to bullshit Americans into thinking they actually care. Does anybody really think the Black Messiah is going to lose? Really? The global elitists are too far into their mission of American destruction to let a douche like Romney beat him. This is kinda like Hulk vs Andre….You knew darn well that Hulk was going to win! The political process is so watered down and predictable that I have to rely on net nazis to keep me entertained until the government finds another way to piss me off. I might as well change this blog over to a crotch shot site so I can at least earn a few dollars from the brainwashed masses.

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Birdman’s rants are back!!

I have a lot of great friends in this world, and a few of those people suggested I do my rants again. So here is my rant for July 20th, 2011…..

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